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Polka Dots ! *Winter Trend*

10 Dec

I don’t really know if polka dots are THE official winter trend for this year but I’m just seeing them EVERYWHERE and I am absolutely obsessed!  they’re the simplest way to turn your outfit from boring / casual to quirky / whimsical !

Mixing prints are one way to stand out and have fun with your clothes , no one should ever take fashion too seriously , you got to let loose and change it up every now and then !

I pair my Polka dot shirts with Floral prints or plain skirts and both look beautiful with just a messy bun , simple make up and a pair of flats !

Cozy Polka Dot Shag Sweater   *Favorite*

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 7.46.00 PM

Cropped Polka Dot Sweater


Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 7.47.50 PM


Polka Dot Burnout Top

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 7.49.10 PM

Sketched Polka Dot Leggings

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 7.51.15 PM

Emma Cook Joanie Dress with Flowers and Polka Dot Print


Wildfox Polka Dots Boy T-Shirt


Only Polka Dot Skinny Jean



Bandage Dress *in Progress*!

12 Apr

img-20130304-028611I started working on Both the bandage dress and the jacket last week !

i finally cut out all the pieces of the dress and I’m done with the hand made prints .. this dress is going to be mostly Grey and some panels will have bright *peach/nude/ navy/ purple* prints .I wanted the dress to look whimsical and Fun ..therefore i chose the bright colors for the prints. BUT honestly speaking i didn’t want the prints to be as Bright as they are but they’re starting to grow on me and of course I’ve done some swatches and tests of different shades but i don’t know why my final print was brighter but all in all I’m kind of starting to like it .

photo 3-5

photo 1-4

photo 4-2

photo 1-6

photo 2-3

photo 1-4 copy


photo 3-6



I decided to tell a story with in this print .. not an important story lol  but something fun and interesting soooo i came up with the idea of making several Tim Burton Characters run after and try to catch the Mad Hatters Hat .. as you’re eye travels from the bottom to the top of the dress *Front and Back* you see the hat traveling from one character to the other until it finally lands on the Cheshire Cat in a panel on the back .. I hope i explained it well enough hahaha




Thank You Sugar Skull Boutique! ♥

24 Sep



I received my headphones from Sugar Skull Boutique yesterday and I’m in love with them ♥ I chose what kind of “sweets” , “syrup” and the colors and I’m so pleased with it , I had the choice to either make it look realistic or whimsical and i always go for whimsical! I wanted it to be colorful and delicious. The “cherry Syrup” looks a little brighter in the picture  than it actually is , its a actually a dark red which adds a great contrast with the light colors of the sweets  .

sugar skull never fails to surprise me 😀 I’m in love with them

Thank you so much  Sugar Skull Boutique for this adorable gift!

Joana Vasconcelos ♥

16 Sep

I was just looking at inspirational pictures for my final collection , we were asked to look for 5 different pictures that are intriguing and describe them with one word .

So I came across the art work of Joana Vasconcelos the first thing i thought of was ” Whimsical” ,her work is just amazing ! its so colorful and diverse , each piece is so different but you can see that she has her trade mark on each art work