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Review *Pink Sugar Body Butter from SherisSoapOpera- Etsy*

20 Nov

All I can say is that it smells HEAVENLY! This Pink Sugar body butter smells like a bakery/strawberry milkshake , it’s addicting ♥ your skin feels really soft after using it , I really liked it , I didn’t expect it to smell so sweet ..

Pink Sugar Body Butter is  Made with: 100% natural Aloe Vera Juice and Gel, Grapeseed oil ( formerly almond oil), NEW Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose, Illipe Butter, Cocoa Butter, E-Wax,Stearic Acid (vegetable) Vitamin E, fragrance/essential oil, and a non-formaldehyde, PARABEN-FREE preservative


They also sent a complimentary Lip Gloss called *Barely-There Lipgloss* its actually a lip balm  that is made of all natural cocoa butter, shea, beeswax,grapeseed oil and natural alkanet root for, sheer color and I loved it !


Favorite Lip Scrub & Lip Balm♥

17 Nov

The Lip Scrub By Sara Happ


Sara Happ Lip Scrub Eliminates dry, flaky skin to leave lips ridiculously soft and supple.

It is the most amazing lip scrub I have used to this day ..  I couldn’t find it anywhere here in the UAE so it was probably a gift from one of our friends .. I haven’t tried a lip scrub that leaves the lips as soft as this one does , most of them just make your lips feel soft for 10 mins after using it and then it dries up again ..the Oils in the Sara Happ Lip Scrub leave your lips moisturized and you can see HUGE difference from just using it once…I love it !

You can order it from www.beautybay.com with FREE Worldwide Shipping!

Vaseline Lip Therapy


Lately my lips have been super dry and I have tried over 5 different Lip Balms or maybe more but nothing worked .. THEN my aunt gave me the Vaseline Lip Therapy , I honestly never liked Vaseline but I tried it for just a couple of days and the difference that it made in these couple of days was way more than the other lip balms in the 10 days that I was using them in .. its a miracle worker ♥ its not sticky or annoying when you apply it , the formula is really light and nourishing ! I think everyone should have one or just give it a try and you’ll get hooked!

Fell In love with …Rituals… *Best Buys*

8 Jul

Unfortunately we don’t have this store here in Dubai but I’m so happy I got to check it out  in Spain! The prices , products AND packaging are amazing ♥

Once your inside you really feel like you’re in a SPA , it smells amazing , the display is wonderful and its organic♥

I wish I was able to buy more buuut I’m so happy with what I bought !


Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 5.21.04 PM

Shanti Chakra

Body oil


Nourishing body oil

  • A special blend of natural, softening oils to nourish and balance your skin
  • We combined the ancient Ayurvedic ingredients Sweet Almond Oil, to balance the moisture of your skin, and Indian Rose for its relaxing effect on body and mind
  • Ancient Ayurvedic science shows that a daily body massage stenghtens and harmonizes body and mind. In addition it keeps toxin levels low and promotes overall good health.

Lip Treat

Lip balm


Nourishing and protective lip balm

  • Nourishing lip balm enriched with Organic Shea Butter and Refreshing Eucalyptus
  • Organic Shea Butter protects your lips in all weather conditions while Eucalyptus adds an invigorating scent
  • Contains SPF 10 and the natural antioxidant Vitamin E
  • Contains Eucalyptus with natural healing properties and Chinese Camphor which stimulates repair
  • Contains no preservatives

Rose Wisdom

Herbal infusion


Herbal infusion with ginger and rose

  • Herbal infusion with Rose and Ginger, 100% natural
  • According to Chinese culture Ginger is full of powerful Yang energy which warms and uplifts the body
  • Rose flowers warm the heart
  • Soothing herbal blend
  • Theine (caffeine) free tea, particularly suitable for drinking at night

Emperor’s Dream

Herbal infusion


Relaxing herbal blend

  • 100% pure herbal infusion with the vitalising effect of fresh Mint, Fennel Seed and purifying Meadowsweet, 100% natural
  • Mint has long been known as a herb that is mild for the stomach
  • Centuries ago, Fennel was already being used as a natural digestive aid in ancient India
  • Specially selected high quality herbs and fruits to help improve the balance of Yin and Yang
  • Theine (caffeine) free tea, particularly suitable for drinking at night

Cape Delight

Rooibos tea


Full-bodied rooibos tea

  • full-bodied rooibos tea, 100% natural
  • The dried leaves of the African Rooibos bush give this tea a very mild but sophisticated taste
  • Rooibos is rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants
  • Completely theine (caffeine) free, particularly suitable for drinking at night
  • Enjoy the full flavour of whole leaf tea with all the convenience of a tea bag


My daily Make up Routine ♥

30 Jan

I have ONE make up routine that i always go by .. if i feel like i just want to be a little adventurous then i just add a little purple eye shadow or put on fake lashes *which i obviously have on in the picture below * but  i still keep my make up looking natural so i guess the purple really doesn’t make that big of a difference , something I didnt mention below is that i normally use my Aqua Brow from Makeup forever just to fill in some spaces or just to make my eyebrows look a little cleaner hehe , you can see another picture of my daily make up in my “ABOUT” page to get a clearer look on my make up . I just love natural make up , no matter how much i put on i HAVE to make it look natural , i don’t like loud make up but i occasionally put on dark or bright lipstick which is as far as i can go out of my comfort zone  hehe

make up 2

make up

1. Bourjois Bronzing Powder – Shade 52

2.Illamasqua Lipstick – Test

3.Rimmel London Mono Blush – Pink rose

4. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

5.Models Own Lashed Up Volumiser Mascara

6.Bourjois Little Round Pots Eyeshadow

7.Urban Decay -Naked Palette

shades: Virgin , Naked ,Sidecar, Buck , Smog & Dark Horse

8. MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation – NC 40

9.Prep+Prime Skin 

10.Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

I start by applying Prep+Prime Skin  which evens out the skin and giving it an amazing finish once you’re done applying your foundation , i then applyStudio Finish SPF 35 Concealer  under and around my eyes as well as in any other area which i feel like i have some discoloration in  . I then start with my eyes using the Urban Decay Naked Palette *Virgin  , Naked ,Sidecar, Buck , Smog & Dark Horse *
then i just add black eyeshadow to the outer corner of my eyes of course blending it well , after that i start contouring my face with bronzer and different shimmers depending on what i can find in either my moms or sisters make up bag 😀  . I leave the lips for last , before i start applying the foundation , i put on Burt’S Bees lip balm EXCESSIVELY *i just love it too much* , then i line my lips with Dervish Lip Liner and  apply my beloved llamasqua Lipstick – Test aaaaand then I’m done!
Oh! I sometimes put on my illamasqua lip gloss then i blogged about a month ago to make them look a little plumper ♥

Keep your lips Soft with …

12 Jul


Favorite lip balms I’ve ever used were the Burt’s Bees lip balm and Carmex , they’re the only 2 that work for me .. apply the lip balm  every day before putting lipstick  and right before you sleep and believe me you’ll notice a difference!