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Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while!

17 Oct

Hi everyone , I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting for a while .. I was going through some things and it was just hard for me to be on my blog BUT I’m pushing myself to start again because I know that it’ll  make all my loved ones proud , ESPECIALLY my beautiful parents ♥



premonition designs *Inspiring*

3 Aug


Vertibrae Back Body Con Dress – Ivory

Skull Dress – Noir

Now , i found this online store kind of expensive BUT the pieces are inspiring .. i love seeing different looks and trying to incorporate them into my inspirations and designs . this website is mostly inspired by the Gothic fashion , the designs are flattering and gorgeous , you should definitely check it out!

My two favorite pieces from are the ones with the back detail , its dark & beautiful and i think its worth the price its for ❤

My Digital Fashion Illustration

9 Jul


One of my Favorite things to do as a fashion student is getting to illustrate my designs once I’m done with them . this was my first try in making my digital illustration , first i sketched it all out then marked it with black ink , scanned then started experimenting ! This also helps you decide on the color story for your design !

Papua New Guinea

8 Jul

Inspired by the bright colors and originality of both Papua New Guinea and United Arab Emirates , i have designed a statement piece in comparison to all my other pieces and i tried to mix both beautiful cultures into an embroidered tube top and an egg shaped skirt with traditional middle eastern pieces attached .

Welcome to Ginger Twine !

8 Jul

Welcome to Ginger Twine ! where you can find the best buys in online shopping and local stores , new trends , how to shop on a budget *my favorite* ! I’ll share my finds with all of you  as well as  posting my own creations !