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Talise Ottoman Spa – Zabeel Saray

12 Sep







I have never been to a spa so incredible and beautiful as the Talis Ottoman Spa , the Turkish architecture , color scheme , aroma and the feel of the spa are amazing . I went to this spa a few months ago and i can’t believe i forgot to blog about it !

I was there with my best friend and we both got the “Celebration of Rose ” package , which was a wonderful experience ♥ and after the massage you get to use all their other facilities : Jacuzzis , garden , pool , sauna , Snow Cave and i think theres much more that i haven’t seen yet ..the spa is pretty big

Celebration of the Rose | 2 hours

The rose has always been valued for its beauty and has a long history of symbolism; a deep red rose signifying love and passion. The distinctive fragrance of the rose, as well as its regenerating and age-defying qualities, are equally as legendary and celebrated in this pure and beautiful ceremony.  A gentle rose body polish preludes a rose cream body masque. Cocooned whilst the masque softens your skin, enjoy a massage of the scalp and shoulders. Finally, a lavish body massage with ultra-nourishing rose oils replenishes lost vitality and leaves your skin silky soft and delicately perfumed.


Kuwait Day#2: Chocolate & Macaroon At The Avenue

21 Aug


The Second we Landed in Kuwait  we started eating non stop , the food here is AMAZING! and this is coming from me , a person that gets really cranky when she has no food ! So today we’ve been to a couple of places and we happened to wake into Chocolate & Macaroon in The Avenue . It’s a tiny place but the interior & lighting  is beautiful and the music is amazing.. the atmosphere is perfect  ♥

We literally finished everything we ordered! the food is so good and their cappuccino is delicious ! So if you ever do come to Kuwait , this is ONE of the places that i recommend:D I love it here its so much fun and relaxing at the same time .. it the kind of place that makes you feel at home but you still feel like your on vacation AWAY from home which is perfect!

Maryam Al Falasi’s First Solo Exhibition at One Media Hotel

8 Aug



Maryam Al Falasi is a young Emarati artist that has gotten her name out there after years and years of very hard work . She studied in Zayed University and is now a known artist that has participated in several very important exhibitions  !

I attended the opening of her  first Solo Exhibition today at One Media hotel , once you walk in you get into the lounge feel of the hotel , the music , lighting , furniture were all perfect and go so well with the art work displayed .. each element in complimented the other which I loved ! Maryam’s Digital Illustrations were breath taking , the details in each piece of work is just incredible ❤ Ofcourse each piece has a discretion next to it and  believe me  the meaning of each illustration is beautiful! you’ll have to go and see for yourself .. its amazing what she has accomplished as an artist in such a small amount of time .

The art works will be displayed until the 23rd of August ( Small space but amazing illustrations that are well worth going to see ) 

Zighy Bay Six Senses Hide away ♥

11 Jul

Amazing Scenery ,Service, Private Pool and the coziest Bedrooms ,Zighy Bay Six senses Hide Away in Oman is my MOST favorite Resort ! its the perfect get away  to relax your mind and leave everything behind ♥

The Dubail Mall : Granny’s Waffles *Favorite Place for Breakfast *

10 Jul

Ive been going there every weekend ever since I tried their waffles! i love their wide range of waffles, crepes and pancakes as well as they’re amazing milkshakes and cappuccinos! I would Definitely recommend this to anyone out there with a sweet-  tooth!

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai *New Favorite*

10 Jul

I visited The Pavilion Dowdtown Dubai this morning to reserve an area for a charity event a designer  I’m interning for is holding *HF Boutique* , and the second i walked it i fell in love with the place , its the perfect place to wake up in the morning andgo to for a cup of coffee while  getting started on your work . Its an exhibition and a coffee shop .. mainly a place for artists to relax and work . Im getting my work done there from now on! so beautiful in the morning !