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Charlotte Olympia♥

9 Nov

Every time I see a Charlotte Olympia I just die a little inside! the pieces are just so beautiful but they’re too damn expensive 😦 ! I’ll be the one watching and waiting in the corner for a sale at Bloomingdales hahah ..

Thing is sometimes when you see a piece that you just have to own you have to stop and think .. would this piece be worth it or am I just going to wear it once or twice?

I for one don’t care if someone sees me with the same clutch a million times BUT instead of spending 6,000 Dhs on ONE clutch I would rather get 5 or 6 different beautiful bags with the same amount and just be brave&patient  enough to wait for a sale because honestly at sometimes you just need to ignore your heart and pay attention to your brain when it tells you you’re taking it too far ! Buuuut I’m not so against saving up to get your dream  Charlotte Olympia Piece i just don’t like spending it all at once ..then again thats just my opinion !:D

Anywhoooo .. here are some of my favorite pieces ..Enjoy ♥

Spring 2014015fullscreen 031fullscreen 003fullscreen 026fullscreen



Burgunder Pillow Cases – ETSY *Best Buy*

4 Nov

Im so in love with my new pillow cases from Burgunder ! The quality is beautiful , shipping was fast and it was money well spent !♥

I kept on going back to them for two months but then I just had to get them, I have a white plain sofa and an plain orange arm chair because I wanted to mix and match pillows , these two will make my seating area in the studio more artistic and fun .. everyone that comes in HAS to say something about them ! hehe I definitely recommend them if you want something unique and different for your *space*♥




Upcoming Review!*vinyl wall sticker-ETSY*

3 Nov

4 in. vinyl wall sticker polka dots

from Iheartvinyldesigns

il_570xN.472805393_5i2o il_570xN.472805309_5eorI reallyyyy wanted to put polka dot wallpaper in my studio BUT unfortunately when i called to order it , it was already out of stock soooo my second  + cheaper was to get wall decals and apply them myself ! I ordered 90 dots in mint *which was the color that I really wanted but was about to settle for black when I found the wallpaper in the beginning* , I got them at a great price and I can’t wait to receive them and show you how it turns out !

I’ll have more details once it arrives and I’m sure it’ll look beautiful!

My Studio ♥ *Sneak-Peek*

27 Oct


I can’t wait to share  my new studio with you guys ! Its not completely finished yet , I still need to get my sewing machines and pattern cutting table


When its all done , ill be sharing with you my new designs  and most probably some DIYs as well


Cant wait !






Fashion Forward *Season 2* Day 4

19 Oct


20131018_140603Taller Marmo

A collection inspired by the Egyptian Italian Singer Dalida with added series of fantasy Aesthetic to spice up the collection .






Fashion Forward *Season 2* Day 4

19 Oct


Aziz Humaid

Black Gold

spring/summer 2014


Aziz Humaid show was the First fashion show of day 4! The collection was cohesive , very Asymetric ,edgy and modern and most of all DEFINITELY wearable!

Half way through the show the garments started looking the same to me and i couldn’t tell the difference but then when all the models came out you can really see how strong the collection really was , it was a REAL collection , I enjoyed it !

Again.. i wish i had better pictures but ill post clear ones once I find them online







Ragmatazz ♥

17 Oct


Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 12.54.43 AM

I wasn’t planning on buying anything while I was in “The Garden” at Fashion forward but one of my closest friends introduced me to “Ragmatazz” and I just could not resist their bags! They’re so hard to choose from because they’re all colorful and beautifully hand crafted ♥

Ill post a picture of the bag that I bought when I take a good picture of it tomorrow !  but here are just SOME of their bags :

IMG_7812_grande IMG_5826_grande IMG_7696_grande IMG_5887_grande MG_7861_grande